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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Palmetto Motorsports Club located?
Weíre located at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC about an hour South of Charlotte.

How do I become a member?
You can join by paying a one time initiation fee and annual dues.

How much does a membership cost?
The memberships are $2,950 annually with a one time initiation fee of $1,000 for cars and $1,500 and a one time initiation fee of $750 for motorcycles. The monhtly dues can be paid monthly. Please see the Pricing and Benefits Page of this website.

How many track days do I get?
 For cars you would get 40 track days and 20 for motorcycles.

What does a membership entitle me to?
Please see the Membership Benefits page of this website.

What type of car can I drive/ride on the track?
You can drive almost any car except for some SUVís, trucks or vans as long they pass our safety inspection and meet our noise regulations.

For motorcycles, no cruisers allowed. Street bikes and race bikes are allowed. Vintage bikes must have the proper modifications to pass inspection.

What kind of safety equipment do I need to have?
Depending on the driving group, from as little as a helmet to full competition gear.

For motorcycles, you need an approved helmet, full leathers (we recommend one piece, two piece leathers are allowed but they must zip together), track gloves, track boots and back protectors.

Please go to the Rules and Procedures page of the website for more information

Once Iím a member, how do I make arrangements to get on the track?
To help us in setting up the run groups ahead of time, we would appreciate your e-mailing or calling ahead to let us know youíre coming. This also assures you a reserved spot.

What if Iíve never driven/ridden on a race track before?
No Problem, we will put you thru a driver/rider orientation and offer you instruction to get you comfortable with our rules and procedures. Each new driver/rider will be approved by one of our instructors or coaches.

Can any driver/rider at any level join?

Can I bring a guest?

Can my guest drive/ride?
Yes. The number of guests that can receive driving privileges are determined by the level of your membership.

Do you offer a corporate membership?
Yes. Corporate memberships are available and will be developed to accommodate the customerís needs.

Can I come down and get a tour of the facility?
Yes. Just call us at 803-475-2469 to make an appointment.

What is the minimum age for someone to drive/ride on the track?
Minimum age is 16 with a parental consent, release and waiver of liability signed by a parent or guardian. He or she must have a valid driverís license.

Can I lose my membership?
Yes, by not paying your dues or reckless behavior while on the race track.

Is the race track open all year?

How much does it cost for the driver/rider orientation?
The new driver orientation will cost $100

Who does the safety inspection?
The safety inspection will be done by the tech inspectors appointed by the club.

What will the initiation fees and dues be used for?
These dues will be used for the operation of the club and to help pay for future improvements to the facility.

Do I have to have a racecar or race bike to join?

Who will I be on the track with?
You will be classed with drivers of similar skills and car type.

Who is included in my membership?
The member and his or her family and their guests will be allowed in the track. The member will also have some guest driving passes that he can use.

Will there be instructors there to help me out?
Yes, coaching will be available.

How many sessions will there be in one day?
Assuming that there are no delays, the typical day will be a minimu of 5 Ė 20 minute sessions.

How long will the sessions be?
20 minutes

Who designed the track?
Alan Wilson

When was the track built?
The track was completed in July 1999.

Can I run an open wheel car?
Generally no, however based on the dayís turnout we might be able to accommodate. Also, if there is enough demand we would create an open-wheel only group.

How will car and/or motorcycles be divided in groups?
Motorcycles will have their own separate run group.

Do motorcycles and cars run on the same day?

What is the guarantee that the club will have the amount of days listed?
These are scheduled days that are in the track schedule.

What hours does the track day operate?
8 AM Ė 5 PM

Can I come for a partial day? Does it count as a full day?

Can I be put on a waiting list for the permanent garages?
Yes, we recommend it.

Can I rent the Driverís Lounge for a special event?

Can I bring a race car or race motorcycle?

Do I need special tires?

Will there be corner workers?

Will the driverís lounge have drinks and/or food?
Yes, the lounge will have drinks and snacks.

Will the driverís lounge have TV, computers, etc.?
We will have TV available to be able to broadcast races and sporting events. Wi Fi is available as well so you can get some work done in between sessions if needed.

What if it rains on a track day?
The days will still run as scheduled if it rains.

How many cars/motorcycles per group will be on track?
Depending on the group, we usually donít put more than 40 cars or motorcycles on the track at the same time during busy days.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us:
Phone 803-475-2448 or

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