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Reserve a 30A Site or Garage Bay for your upcoming event!

Welcome to our new paddock reservation system!

To simplify the process and ensure correct bookings, we now offer 30A sites and garage bays by event – as opposed to by the day. If you will be staying for back-to-back events, you can add multiple reservations to your cart and checkout at one time. 

Select your event:

Can't find the event you're looking for?

– Is the event within 90 days from today?
For each event, we begin accepting reservations 90 days before gates open. You can find gate times on our event schedule.

– Is the event on our event schedule?
Reservations can only be made for confirmed events, which will be on our event schedule. If the event does not show on our calendar, we are most likely still waiting on final details from the event organizer.

– Did the event organizer reserve the all of the 30A sites/garage bays for their event?
Check the event on our event schedule. You can find 30A site/garage bay information for the event at the bottom of the event page.