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» Gate Pass Requirement: A pass (or wristband) indicating you have signed a waiver and release form and registered for the event must be presented to the Gate Attendant to allow your entry onto the premises of Carolina Motorsports Park.

» Minors (under 18 years old) must always be under direct parental or acting guardian supervision.

» All pet animals must be leashed or confined. Owners are responsible for their behavior, damages, and clean-ups. Pets are not allowed in any of the buildings, concession area, false grid, or pit area at any time.

» Speed limit inside the paddock is 15 mph.

» Only licensed drivers 16 and older may operate race support vehicles or golf carts.

» No pit bikes, dirt bikes or minibikes are allowed on the premises without prior approval from the track manager.

» No fishing or swimming in the lake. The lake is off limits to ALL activities.

» No climbing or jumping ANY fences.

» Do not damage any grassy area in any manner.

» Do not tape notices to any painted surface, mirrors, guardrails, building walls, etc. Bulletin boards are provided by the restrooms, snack bar, time/scoring buildings.

» All repairs to the facilities shall be performed by CMP personnel or their approved contractor.

» Packages received by CMP for drivers, teams, vendors, or the Renter must be sent to the address listed below and have a specific “ATTN: TO” name included in address. All packages received without a specific driver, team, vendor, or organization name shall be refused. Any cost associated with a refused shipment shall be sole responsibility of the Renter or sanctioning body of the event. CMP shipping address: 3662 Kershaw Hwy, Kershaw, SC 29067

» No firearms, weapons, illegal drugs, or fireworks are permitted on the premises.

» Physical contact with another person may result in expulsion from the premises.

» CMP shall have the right, at any time, in its sole discretion, to refuse admission to or eject from CMP or from any facility at CMP, any person deemed to not comply with any rule or regulation or for conduct deemed to be unsafe, discourteous, verbally or physically abusive, or influenced by alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances, or which may otherwise diminish the safety, health, or enjoyment of others on the premises or the conduct of an event.

» All trash must be placed in the receptacles provided.

» Environmentally hazardous waste MUST be disposed of in appropriate receptacles.

» Any spill MUST be reported to CMP staff for immediate clean up.

» Please dump waste oil into yellow 55-gallon drums marked “OIL”.

» Please dump anti-freeze into blue 55-gallon drums marked “ANTI-FREEZE”.

» Do not dump race fuel into recycling drums. You shall be billed the disposal fee for contaminated liquids.

» Fuel cannot be sold at the track or pre-sold for delivery to the track.

» Do not pour gasoline, oil, antifreeze, or other fluids on the ground.

» You shall be billed for any items left at the track that must be disposed of by a disposal company (i.e. tires, batteries, fuel barrels, etc.).

» Electric power is available. 15-amp service available on a first come, first serve basis. RV sites with up to 100-amp service available to reserve/rent for a fee.

» Camping quiet time begins at 10 pm.

» No loud music is permitted after 10 pm. Be considerate of neighbors.

» Campfires are only allowed in fire pits which contain and lift the fire off the ground.

» No race engines may run before 7:30am or after 8pm.

» No vehicles of any kind are allowed on the track after 5pm.

» The PA system is not to be used before 7:30am or after 7pm.

» Sunday Quiet Time: in observance of local church services, the track shall observe quiet time on Sunday from 11am to 12pm.  Absolutely NO race engines may be run during this time, nor is the PA system to be used.

» Drivers are responsible for the conduct of their crews and guests.

» Drivers are required to have a Snell SA2015 or newer (Closed Face only). Your helmet will be inspected during Tech and must meet these requirements. NO EXCEPTIONS!

» Drivers are required to wear long sleeved shirts and long pants of natural fiber (cotton or wool). Synthetics are not allowed. Cotton socks and tennis shoes or leather shoes with leather soles are required – approved driving/riding suits, shoes and gloves are acceptable and recommended. Full competition suits are required for competition cars.

» No cameras mounted anywhere on helmets.

» All drivers and members shall be responsible for notifying crews and guests concerning the hours of registration. A closing time must be included on the entry form.

» Decibel limits are set at 105db fifty feet from the track. After 6pm decibel limits are set to 100db. If the racer has exceeded the db limit, the racer shall be black flagged, brought in, told of the infraction, and given a chance to comply with the decibel limit. If the racer is not able to reduce the noise level within the decibel limit, the racer must pull the vehicle from the event.

» Each competitor must have at least one (1) portable BC dry chemical fire extinguisher of at least 10lbs and in good working condition in their pit area.

» No parking, repairing, or refueling vehicles or placing scales or jack stands on any paddock road. These access roads are considered an Emergency Fire Lane by the Fire Marshall.

» Driving counter-course direction is strictly forbidden.

» All tires, broken fiberglass, scrap metal, batteries, and any other parts which have been removed or fallen off cars must be removed from Carolina Motorsports Park.

The following are the track minimum requirements. Please refer to the organization you are registered with for exact requirements.

For TURN ONE events, click here to see requirements.

» No electric vehicles allowed on track

» All open cars must have a roll bar and conform to the following unless a hardtop is installed:

» Configured from the factory with factory installed roll and/or pop up bars.

» For all other open cars, the roll bar must meet SCCA or PCA Club Race specs for materials, design, installation and height.

» Roll bar must be padded in an area that may come in contact with the occupants (driver and passenger) helmet or other part of the body.

» Targa type cars do not require an additional roll bar but must run with the top in place.

» Drivers are required to have a Snell SA2015 or newer (Closed Face only).

» Drivers are required to wear long sleeved shirts and long pants of natural fiber (cotton or wool). Synthetics are not allowed. Cotton socks and tennis shoes or leather shoes with leather soles are required – approved driving/riding suits, shoes and gloves are acceptable and recommended. Full competition suits are required for competition cars.

» Although not mandatory for street cars, a multi-point safety harness is strongly recommended for all vehicles.

» A fire extinguisher, securely mounted, is also recommended in all vehicles.


» PASSING IS ALLOWED IN DESIGNATED AREAS AND WITH PROPER SIGNALS ONLY. DO NOT PASS UNLESS THE CAR BEING OVERTAKEN SIGNALS YOU TO PASS. In the “Solo” group, passing is only done on the right, that is passing is only done on In the “Solo” group, passing is only done on the right, that is, the passing car passes to the RIGHT SIDE of the car being passed. In the “Super Solo” group passing is allowed on any straight on either side of the car with a signal. “Race” group passing is allowed anywhere on track with a signal as long as the pass can be executed safely. The passing signal should be an exaggerated motion by the driver. All passes must be completed prior to turn in at the next corner. Maintain your speed or lift slightly to allow the passing car to safely complete the pass. Always be aware of traffic behind you as well as traffic in front of you. Remember, you can always enter the Pits and rejoin at a less crowded portion of the track.


» In the event it becomes apparent you are about to go off the track, it is better to drive off in a straight line under control rather than try to save it. Regain control, then drive cautiously back onto the track. If visibility is impaired, wait until conditions improve.

» Two wheels off – slow until you gain control, and then cautiously return to the track surface. Forcing the vehicle back on to the track at speed could result in loss of control and possibly spinning into oncoming traffic.

» Four wheels off – same as above, except that the driver is required to return to the hot pits for a vehicle inspection. Upon completion of inspection, you may return to the track.

» Loss of control causing a spin on the track surface – if/when you do lose control of your car in a spin, the best rule is both feet in. This means brake and clutch fully depressed until you come to a stop. You may flat spot a tire, but you stand a much less chance of damaging your car. You must come into the Pits to have your car checked by the Pit Worker after a spin, or off course excursion.

» If your vehicle becomes disabled, pull off the track in a safe spot, preferably in sight of a corner worker. REMAIN INSIDE YOUR VEHICLE, WITH YOUR BELTS ON. The only reason you should get out or off your vehicle is if it is on FIRE!

» Two off-course excursions and/or spins on the track, in any session, will be cause for you being black flagged. Return to the hot pit and speak to the event coordinator. Three spins means the end of your session. Continued loss of control or aggressive driving will not be tolerated and could be cause for loss of driving privileges for the remainder of the day.


» Any damage incurred to racetrack property, and/or supplies used, will be the responsibility of the participant.

Track Management reserves the right to refuse entrance, bar, expel or fine any individual(s) in violation of any rule.

*NOTE: These are our rules/procedures as an event venue. A renter of the facility may have their own additional rules/procedures in place – be sure to always check with the organization you will be coming to CMP with to ensure all requirements are met.